About Us

How we do business:

We are an insurance and financial services agency serving League City and surrounding communities. Because we operate all year long, our expenses are minimized and we pass the savings on to you. I prepare each tax return personally. Since I am the only preparer, the quality of work is excellent! Tax return processing times vary depending on where we are in the tax season. I can process your tax return in a matter of hours but it will cost you more. My perferrence is for you to leave your tax documents with me and allow me to work your return processing into my schedule. With this option, you will get a discounted rate. I do a lot of my processing in the evenings and on weekends. Utilizing this quiet time to work on your return allows me to thoroughly review your return to make sure you have every deduction and credit that you qualify for.
My qualifications:

I received my paid preparer tax certification from Personal Tax Services, Inc. in 2004. I have been preparing individuals tax returns since then.
I update and review my knowledge of the tax code on a regular basis.
I have a working knowledge of tax issues regarding property ownership and investments due to my training, and experience in the insurance and financial services industry.
I am familiar with issues for sole proprietors. I have been an small business owner since 1985.
I have participated in a Masters degree program in Finance at the University of Houston, CLC.
I have a Bachelors degree in Business (with focus on accounting) from Indiana University.


My commitment to you:

Provide competent income tax preparation service.
Charge a fee that is reasonable and affordable for most budgets.
Help you understand your current situation and prepare for future tax issues.